Lorna Byrne

Lorna Byrne is an international number 1 bestselling author (her last two books have gone straight in at #1 on the UK Sunday Times Chart) with more than a million readers around the world. Her books, Angels in my Hair, Stairways to Heaven, A Message of Hope from the Angels and Love from Heaven have been translated into 30 languages.

Lorna has been seeing angels since she was a baby. Very unusually, she sees angels physically with as much clarity as the rest of us see people and she sees them every day. This diminutive, soft-spoken, uneducated Irish woman who did not talk about what she was seeing until seven years ago, says she has no idea why she can see angels when others can’t, adding that she is just an ordinary person.

Lorna's Background

Lorna Byrne was born in the 1950’s in Ireland and was growing up, like many at the time, in a monetarily poor family. She has overcome dyslexia to write her books with speech recognition software and the help of others to proofread and edit her manuscripts. This is a huge accomplishment as she was labelled “retarded” as a child due to her dyslexia and never finished primary school education as a result. In the 1970’s, while helping her father in the garage he owned, Lorna met Joe, the man Angel Elijah foretold she would marry. Married life was hard. Joe suffered from serious ill health and was unable to work much of the time. The couple and their four children lived in poverty. In 2000 – again as Angel Elijah foretold – Joe died, leaving Lorna alone with four children. Her youngest child was just four years old. Even her beloved husband, Joe, was told little of what she could see.

People, however, always knew that there was something “different” or “special” about Lorna and as her children grew older, word spread and many started to come to visit Lorna, seeking healing or wisdom through God and the angels. From a very early age, the angels told Lorna that she would write a book about them. She used to laugh when they said it, telling them it was unlikely because she had dyslexia and could hardly read or write. However, in 2003, Lorna started to work on her first book and people came into her life who were able to help her. In May 2008, Angels in my Hair was published in the UK and Ireland.

Lorna's Message

Lorna has presented, through her writings, messages from God and the angels. Some of messages Lorna shares with the world are that:

  • Every person has a soul.
  • Every person has a guardian angel.
  • God is real.
  • It doesn’t matter what you believe or even if you believe in nothing.
  • There is always hope.
  • Prayer is powerful.

Lorna's Positive Vision

Lorna’s positive vision for the world, which has been passed to her by God and the angels, is to transform the world into a more loving place. Her aim is to promote peace and to help the world achieve it. Most importantly, Lorna wants to give hope to the world. Large numbers of men, women and children of all ages contact Lorna through her social media and her website telling her that her books gave them back hope in their lives. One vision for the future that Lorna promotes at God’s behest is that all the religions in the world, and even those who do not identify as religious, should come under one umbrella. Lorna encourages this by explaining the power of praying together in her work. Overall, Lorna’s work provides a platform to bring people together and to break down the barriers between them.

Lorna's Achievements

Lorna’s childhood was challenging for many reasons including difficult family relations where Lorna was often observed as different resulting in something of an ‘outsider’ status. Despite a specific learning difficulty that makes it hard for someone to learn to read, write and spell correctly as well as a misconception as to her learning capabilities Lorna has achieved many things. Her impoverished background and discouraging childhood make Lorna’s achievements all the more impressive. Lorna insists that her most meaningful achievement is the raising of her four children after the death of her beloved husband. Lorna passes on the message from God and the angels that parenting is the most important job in the whole world.

Lorna has been featured extensively in worldwide television, radio and print media including CNN, NBC Today, BBC, The London Times, The Economist and many others. Lorna’s work has included many sold-out worldwide events. Her audiences are all over the world including, for example, the UK, Germany and Hong Kong as well as the U.S.A. Lorna’s events are diverse in her attempt to achieve her aims and vision. Lorna invited Betty Williams, Nobel Laureate, to New York to help promote peace between Sunni and Shiite Muslims. Lorna was joined by Mike Dooley, New York Times Bestselling Author, speaker and entrepreneur, to provide a three part webinar. Lorna received the World Harmony Run Torch Bearer Award in March 2011 for inspiring communities through her life and deeds. Lorna founded the Lorna Byrne Children’s Foundation in 2015.