I wanted to thank you for changing my life.

Thanks to you and your books, I have come to understand that nothing is impossible for God. The greatest weapon and protection is love and nothing comes before that. It would be very challenging for me to thoroughly describe the internal changes that you have brought about in me. It”s as if I was extra bones for my spine and waves of love and understanding of others.

I specifically wanted to thank you because I prayed that somehow I could get married to the man I loved and who loved me despite the many hurdles we had. I prayed that we could have children somehow. I put this prayer on your scroll in 2019. Today we are married and although I was diagnosed as infertile, I got pregnant as soon as we tried without treatment or IVF and I am the mother of a beautiful 2-week old son named Adam. My husband and I are both in awe at God’s power and love. Everyday I shed tears of gratitude to God.

Thank you Lorna for being the reason for my stronger faith (faith without much less fear). Thank you for being a guiding torch. Also, I’m following your advice and always calling on the unemployed angels so they can be with my baby son. I’m sure he sees them.