Lorna you have no idea what your book can do. I’m a 64 year old woman who had absolutely lost hope. I’ve been searching all of my life for answers to why I am here. Feeling that I didn’t fit in anywhere. Having anxiety and depression, have come and go. Suffering everyday because of what mankind does to nature to the animals to the earth. Hating mankind. Hating me. Not not loving life. I only heard of your books about a month ago. So I read Angels In My Hair and i’m having hope now. I feel better. I have a journey in front of me, a lot of healing to do but because of you and your books i have now started thinking differently about things and about me. There’s a totally different feeling inside of me now, healing can happen now I think. I have thought a lot about dying. Wishing I was dead because of the pain I feel inside and the terrible things people do. And now I know that I am not alone. When I feel bad I now visualize my guardian angel holding onto me. Holding my hand. And it helps a lot. You did that! Thank you so much you might have saved my life. Love from me to you