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What Lorna's attendees say...

Thank you Lorna. Ever since I heard of you I have wanted to be in your presence. I connect so deeply to the messages you're spreading. I want so much to be the best person I can be to help make this world a better one. Thank you for the inspiration. You're wonderful.

Lisa, Ireland

Thoroughly enjoyed the day, everybody was so friendly and open.

Maureen, Ireland

I realized we're all feeling similar things and have similar problems and I'm not alone in needing to open my heart.

Aimee, Ireland

It's so interesting and fascinating watching Lorna help those that need help and what the Angels tell her to say.

Aimee, Ireland

Best day of my life. I am so grateful for this amazing event. Thank you Lorna.

Corina, Mauritius

Brilliant, I enjoyed it very much. Thank you Lorna.

Maureen, Ireland

I loved the meditation we had after lunch and the baby exercise. The best yet Lorna.

Deborah, Ireland

Lorna taught me to always show compassion and empathy to negative people.

Stella, Ireland

The most valuable thing I learned was to keep working on the process of the self love journey.

Mary, Ireland

Enjoyed listening to Lorna talking about the subject of self-love as well as of Angels. Lorna has a very deep presence. She is a very spiritual person.

Christopher, Ireland

Lorna thank you for sharing the beautiful messages of the Angels and your presence feels really special and significant.

Therese, Ireland

Thank you. You have helped a lot in my life since your first book. You probably don't know how much you have helped me Lorna.

Helen, Ireland