Shining the Light of Hope


“To help someone else, that’s what life is about. Even before Angels in my Hair, people would turn up at my gate. I believe miracles happen every day, but we don’t see them most of the time. A lot of these are small miracles, but they can have a major change within an individual’s or a family’s life.”

Lorna Byrne, Founder

A lifetime helping and supporting people

Lorna has spent her whole life helping and supporting anyone who finds their way to her.

From the numerous people turning up on her doorstep sent by the angels, through to her work helping multiple children’s organisations with amazing projects around the world, the Lorna Byrne Foundation continues to support Lorna’s work to help women, men, children and families in significant need from any part of the world from her centre Sanctuary in Kilkenny, Ireland.

The Lorna Byrne Foundation provides love, compassion, hope and
spiritual, emotional, physical and practical support depending on their need.

Help us continue Lorna’s work for countless generations to come
and build an enduring legacy of hope for the world.

“It’s not my mission, it’s God’s mission. This is all God’s plan. I’m just a key. And the key has turned the door and the door is open, and it’s really hard to explain. Miracles happen. Things happen and in so many different ways for people.”

Reaching out a helping hand

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With Lorna Byrne

October 12, 2024

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