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“I’ve been told I have to teach the people of the world,
how to reconnect spiritually again, how to connect back to our souls.
To remember that we’re not just human beings,
we’re spiritual beings and how important that is.”

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    Lorna’s Books


    The angels would always say to me that one day I would write about God and them.
    In each book I try to give you a little bit more every time. I must give in small portions to
    make it easier for you. The books are teachings for you as well. I hope you enjoy.

    Lorna’s Prayer Scroll

    Years ago, the angels handed me a scroll and told me that when I was praying I should hold it in my hand and that the angels would join me in praying for everything contained within it.

    When I’m in a meditative state of prayer I hold in my hand this spiritual scroll with every name and every request written on it and I hand this scroll to God.

    I invite you to send me your thoughts, joys and worries so as they can be included.

    I won’t be able to reply individually to your requests but be assured I will make sure they are included in the scroll and in my prayers and the angel’s prayers. It is free and you can use it as many times as you like.

    If you prefer to send a letter to:

    PO Box 13723 – Kilkenny – Ireland

    In her presence we feel love in her words we find answers by her example we see hope. Good finds a way.

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      Helping to stir up that empathy and love up inside of you.
      Take a course today to connect spiritually to your soul and to nature.