New Life begins at Sanctuary

1500 trees now planted on the grounds

“We have to protect mother earth, we have to all play our part and we have to press our governments as well; anything you can do to help to protect mother earth please do it. It could be just feeding the birds, planting a tree, giving wildlife a chance to live as well; literally, anything. Mother earth has to survive if we are to survive. We are the guardian angels of all nature. Help in whatever way you possibly can. ” Lorna Byrne

We are so pleased to say thanks to your help the green areas at Sanctuary are now taking shape with the planting of over 1500 new trees!

Community involvement is so important to Sanctuary’s mission, and it is thanks to the hard work and dedication of a fantastic team of volunteers including local transition-year students, members from a local men’s shed, and our Head Horticulturalist, this part of the planting was made possible.

With your help we plan to plant thousands more native Irish trees on the grounds at Sanctuary. These fledgling oak trees that are now in will provide a protective shield from the elements around the main house and will become home to wildlife for years to come.