Our Sanctuary

Many years ago, Lorna shared a vision from the Angels with family and friends.

A sanctuary where people from around the world, of all backgrounds and belief systems, could come together to share, learn and develop spiritually, hand in hand with Lorna and guided by the angels.

Our Sanctuary
Our Sanctuary

Until recently this had remained just that…

However, through a series, of what can only be described as small miracles, this is gradually becoming a reality.

Working with a group of friends, guided by the angels and shared values, we have established a non-profit organisation named The Seraph Foundation and acquired an early Georgian property.

The mission of The Seraph Foundation is to develop a sanctuary where Lorna will continue and deepen her work in encouraging, inspiring and accompanying us in our spiritual growth, and as always supported by the angels.

Our Sanctuary
Lorna Byrne

Our journey is only beginning and needs support.

The project is extensive and requires further funding, voluntary skilled labour, decorating and furnishing.

Regardless of your ability, ideas or age, we warmly welcome your support in this journey.

I believe the right people at the right time will listen to their guardian angel, follow their hearts, and support this mission.

Love & Blessings

Lorna Byrne

Our Sanctuary

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This project is supported through a non-profit organisation called the Seraph Foundation

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