Help make this vision of hope for us all come true: Sanctuary

Sanctuary is the place where Lorna Byrne will help you
grow spiritually, reconnect you to your soul,
and unlock that pure love within you.

An incredible place with no division or boundaries
between people. Where your spiritual side is accepted.

To help pour compassion, hope and love into the world.
So we can live in peace with each other
and nature, our home.

Where many incredible things will happen.

A miracle for countless generations to come.
This is our evolution, this is our future.

"I believe the right people at the right time will listen to their guardian angel, follow their hearts, and support this vision."
Lorna Byrne

Choose your option and help us create Sanctuary

Other ways to contribute to Sanctuary

It will still be here in 300 years time, to give hope,
to give compassion to give love for that intertwining
of the body and the soul and to free us

Lorna Byrne

Thank you for being part of this journey and making this vision become a reality


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The Seraph Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation (NPO) established to develop Sanctuary, a place for people from around the world of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and grow spiritually.

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