Help Create Sanctuary

An incredible place of great hope, great courage and great love
with no division or boundaries between people.
To reconnect us spiritually to our soul and to nature.
So our body and soul intertwines.
This is God’s vision. This is our future.

Thomastown – Co. Kilkenny – Ireland

A Miracle for Countless Generations to Come

A Little Piece of Heaven

“We are capable of incredible, wonderful things because of our soul if we allow our spirituality to grow. I wish mankind wasn’t afraid of this side of themselves. It is part of the evolution of mankind.”

“It will still be here in 300 years time,
to give hope, to give compassion, to give love
for that intertwining of the body and the soul
and to free us”

Be Part of the Journey

“I believe the right people at the right time will listen to their guardian angel,
follow their hearts, and support this vision.”

A Sacred Place shown by God long ago
Amazing stories from Sanctuary’s progress

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Upcoming Events at Sanctuary


Learn from Lorna in nature as she was taught by the angels
“I believe one day all the goodness will overcome all the bad and the human race will evolve triumphantly body and soul united”

Sanctuary’s Afternoon Tea

With Lorna Byrne

July 20, 2024

Connecting and Accepting – Workshop

With Lorna Byrne

September 7, 2024

Angels Who, What and Why – 2 Night Retreat – All Inclusive

With Lorna Byrne

September 21 - 23, 2024

Sanctuary’s Afternoon Tea

With Lorna Byrne

October 12, 2024

Learning to Forgive – Day Ticket – Non Residential

With Lorna Byrne

November 2, 2024

Angels Who, What and Why – 5 Night Retreat – All Inclusive

With Lorna Byrne

November 13 - 18, 2024

Latest News from Sanctuary

Sanctuary and Its Gardens


Resting in comfort or strolling by the gardens or lake, Sanctuary offers peaceful moments steeped in tranquility.

Stay in a Place of Peace


If you are in need of some rest and recuperation, come for a self catering stay at Sanctuary and leave the world behind to concentrate on you.

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