A sacred place
An incredible journey


Sanctuary is a place where people of all walks of life will come to connect spiritually back to nature, and for that intertwining of the soul. Not to be just thinking that we are a human being, but we are a spiritual being as well, and for that part of evolution to start to come closer, that love and that compassion and that hope that we're all yearning for.

Lorna Byrne



It's completely different here. The connection between myself and the person is really strong, and it's like everyone becomes open. They feel it's safe. Each person reaches into their soul and it's like they let their soul pour out. They're allowing that peace and that love, that healing, everything to touch them. It's like they're shedding the world off them. It's just completely different because this is a sacred place.”

Lorna Byrne

What is Sanctuary?

"God has told me already so many things about Sanctuary, different things that will happen here as progress goes on, what will be here to help your family, your children in the future.

It is a never ending journey and I can't do it on my own. Remember the words that have been given. Many have been called, few have been chosen, and very few of those few chosen say, yes. Come on this journey with me even when I'm gone because it's going to continue."

Lorna Byrne

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The Seraph Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation (NPO) established to develop Sanctuary, a place for people from around the world of all backgrounds and beliefs to come together and grow spiritually.

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