Stay at The Lodge

Intimate All Inclusive-5 Night Retreat

With Lorna Byrne

April 2 - 7, 2023
The Lodge at Sanctuary
Visit Sanctuary for our signature all inclusive 5 day retreat at the newly opened Lodge at Sanctuary. Limited to 15 participants this extremely intimate retreat will include sessions with Sanctuary's founder and spiritual Lorna Byrne

Slow Down To Catch 2 Night Stay

April 8 - 10, 2023
The Lodge at Sanctuary
Slow down to catch up Sometimes in our life things are moving so quickly we have so many commitments and so many responsibilities that the decisions we make aren't always what we are need or want in life. We often get stuck in a rut and become disillusioned and overwhelmed. It's time to take you own power back and re balance and refocus on you. Retreat to The lodge at Sanctuary where you will feed you heart and soul. Get comfortable with been with you and start to see what the real you. Immerse yourself in nature, spend your time…